Automatic defect detection in leather
with Deep Learning

BADER is an international premium-leather-producing company at the forefront of its industry in technology adoption and sustainable practices. With over 12,000 employees across five continents. Among its prominent clientele are world-class brands such as Lamborghini, Tesla, Porsche, BMW, and Audi.

Bader's premium products are used by pioneering companies like Tesla. Source: Bader.
Exceptional quality control of leather is labor intensive. Pieces are carefully inspected by multiple trained technicians, to verify that only the highest-quality leather is delivered to clients.

Also, defects in leather can be very small or subtle in appearance, making them difficult to detect.

Satellite Peilades. Image by:CNES
We partnered with our friends at Pensur, an industrial engineering company, to develop for BADER an assisted quality control station for leather pieces.

We developed deep-learning models that detect potential defects with very high accuracy and pinpoint them for the technician, who can now check the leather in a fraction of the time.

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