How we partnered with Tonal to help revolutionize the way of training
at home

Tonal is a startup founded in San Francisco in 2015 that revolutionizes fitness and strength training with patented digital weight, machine learning, and expert coaching to provide a highly personalized workout experience. The company has raised $450 million, with a valuation of $1.6 billion.

Lebron James, the all-time leading scorer in NBA, trains and performs with Tonal his fitness routine.

Source: Tonal.

The Tonal Trainer is a cutting-edge-at-home gym solution. It is one of the most space-efficient in the market and is able to deliver personalized workouts through the use of smart sensors.

Each of these sensors provide valuable information, but to precisely measure user movement, the data from these disparate sources must be ingeniously combined.

This represents an important technical challenge due to the disparity of the data sources. Additionally, because Tonal must provide real-time feedback to the user, this procedure must also run in real-time within the trainer.

This creates new challenges since the implementation must be optimized to run in real-time in embedded devices sharing resources with all the other components of the system.

We help TONAL's team to develop a custom sensor fusion algorithm that integrates the data sources available in the trainer device to derive estimates of hand trajectories in space


A high-fidelity representation of the motion of the intelligent handles in time allows Tonal to provide richer feedback to their users.

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